With Internet and other electronic resources, the Universe is our classroom!

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New Horizons banner


Cassini-Huygens: Mission to Saturn and Titan

Down Load Celestia and look at the solar system in 3-D

Exploring the Planets - Tools of Exploration

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Constellation myths
Greek Mythology
More constellation myths

NASA TV - Watch the astronauts


Solar system information
Space Suits

Names of features on planets

Outstanding Space and Astronomy Resource
NASA Space Information Site Especially for Kids
Space Station Life Cycle from NASA

Sun Diagram

Hubble Space Telescope

See images from a spacecraft landing on an asteroid.
Images of the sun from the SOHO spacecraft
Image of sun from earth-based telescope


Human Exploration and Development of Space

Mars Exploration Program

Lunar Map

NASA Human Space Flight

Comets and asteroids

Make your own telescope – this is a BIG project

Build your own model Mars rover out of paper



Stock Quotes for Stock Market Project

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Math Team Results

Divisibility rules

Algebra Challenge!

Math glossary

Dr. Lott's Math Website -- For a family math challenge you can take at home




Skin cancer prevention information

Neat information about submarines

Terra Server – Aerial Photos and Maps

Origins of Place Names

Fake out

Discovery School -- This is the site to go to when you are bored and looking for a project

Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle  
Girltech -- cool stuff for girls

Go on an internet learning adventure about the subject of your choice

Encyclopedia Britannica Page
Paper Cutting Art 1
Paper Cutting Art 2

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Scenery

Chinese Landscapes


Katherine Paterson – Author's Website

Montana Office of Public Instruction

UTC Time for GLOBE observations

Toshiba Exploravision Contest
Grammar Slammer -- Everything you wanted to know about grammar

Make a bibliography for a report or presentation

Spelling bee preparation lists

Strike for Three Loaves story



Raptors of the Rockies -- an award winning sight about our friend Kate Davis and her birds

Peregrine falcon site designed by kids

Peregrine falcon pictures

Ice age mammals

More links for ice age mammals 

Manatees 1

Manatees 2

Manatees 3

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Information about the ocean sunfish

More information about the ocean sunfish

Portuguese man-of-war



Journals of Columbus

Time Line of Explorers

Columbus information

Columbus’ crew and how much they were paid

Queen Isabella

Aztec Culture

The Spanish Armada

More on the Spanish Armada

Sargasso Sea

Log Line



Sunken German Submarine Site (NOVA-PBS)

Try physics experiments online

Car crash experiment

Newton’s three laws of motion

Picture of Clean Room

Periodic Table of Elements

Space Robotics

Making your own rocket fuel

Scientific American Frontiers

Science images from around Montana

Potential and Kinetic Energy

See how earth systems work.



National Weather Service in Montana

Celsius to Fahrenheit converter
 Weather Maps for class assignment
 Cloud identification chart

Tour the Mount Washington Weather Observatory

Weather Education Site for Kids


 Cool Airplanes that Look Like Chris' Paper Airplane
17, 1903 -first powered and controlled flight

Piper Cub Airplane Model

How Things Fly


Learn about the Hunley Civil War Submarine

The Tuskegee Airmen

Fife and Drum Music Samples

Fife and Drum music

Dig Magazine – Archaeology for Kids

Our interpretation of the Bill of Rights

Follow the Drinking Gourd Song from the Underground Railroad

Old Money from the United States
Oregon Trail Landmarks/map
Underground Railroad information 1
Underground Railroad information 2
Underground Railroad information 3

Martin Luther King Jr.
Last year's MLK contest winners

Montana Natural History Center -- a place to sign up for classes and workshops in Missoula
The First Thanksgiving

Thomas Jefferson’s home - Monticello

Colonial Currency (Money)

Guide to the government for kids

Earth Science


Volcanoes by Robert I. Tilling ( an online book on volcanoes)

Cascades Volcano Observatory

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Global Volcanism Program

Volcano World

U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program

Spaceship Earth – volcanoes

Types of volcanoes

Current Eruptions